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Brink has two reading periods per year: January and July. 


Between July 1 - 31, we will open for submissions engaging the theme of Relief.  


Through Submittable, we accept a variety of creative work from Nonfiction to Fiction, from Poetry to Translation. But our hearts beat strongest for hybrid work that falls into the cross-genre category we call Evocations. We are interested in work that presses boundaries, uses more than one medium to tell a story, and both looks and feels different on the page. Additionally, we look for submissions that engage the theme of each issue as well as the idea of being on the brink. 

Please submit only unpublished work and notify us if your simultaneous submission is accepted elsewhere. Payment for each contributor is one copy of the issue in which their work appears as well as:

$25  ||  Poem (per poem)
$50  ||  Work (less than 1500 words)
$50  ||  Art (1-3 Images)
$100  ||  Art (4+ Images)
$100  ||  Work (more than 1501 words)

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