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Gravity obeys. If it didn’t, a dangerous, wonderous swirl would ensue the moment its essential duty was neglected.

We rely on its consistency. We trust that the ball we release from our hands will fall, without incident and error, in the direction of the center of the earth. Gravity is the fundamental force of attraction that all objects with mass have toward each other. Think: plunge. Think: sinking. It has infinite potential, a range that dominates every person and thing. Yet it is not without contradiction. Gravity has the capacity to hold together galaxies and at the same time can be conquered by a toddler lifting a toy off the ground. Would that we all paired so elegantly strength and weakness.

Let’s linger here at the threshold of this capability. Here you will find stories that evoke seamless movement, poems that reveal tendency, images that capture acceleration. There is a lowness here that aches. There is also dignity, a solemnity that raises the tip of your chin.

Go ahead, sink. Trust the bottom will catch you. Allow heaviness to settle into your bones. Stay here with us for a moment at the very brink of gravity.

gravity issue 6

Jessica Abughattas

Jessica Alexander

Steven L. Anderson

Hanna Bartels

Marianne Chan

Mary Helena Clark

Merry Dennehy

Stephanie Dinsae

Beth Ann Fennelly

Rebecca Ruth Gould

Alexandria Hall

Karla Hirsch

Sasha Hom

Ashley Kauschinger

Diane Lefer

Winshen Liu

Hannah Lund

Ariel Machell

Dawn Miller

Brandon Monokian

Claire Oleson

Ross Peters

Stefanie Posavec

John Powers

Hormoz Shahdadi

Trevor KS

Tramaine Suubi

Kayvan Tahmasebian

Karen Walker

Sara Watson

L. Ann Wheeler

gravity issue 6
issue 6 gravity_edited.png


No. 6  ||  FALL 2023

the mutual attraction between

any two bodies in the universe


a sinking or falling


of serious or critical nature

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