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issue 6 gravity


No. 6  ||  FALL 2023

the mutual attraction between

any two bodies in the universe


a sinking or falling


of serious or critical nature

Jessica Abughattas

Jessica Alexander

Steven L. Anderson

Hanna Bartels

Marianne Chan

Mary Helena Clark

Merry Dennehy

Stephanie Dinsae

Beth Ann Fennelly

Rebecca Ruth Gould

Alexandria Hall

Karla Hirsch

Sasha Hom

Ashley Kauschinger

Diane Lefer

Winshen Liu

Hannah Lund

Ariel Machell

Dawn Miller

Brandon Monokian

Claire Oleson

Ross Peters

Stefanie Posavec

John Powers

Hormoz Shahdadi

Trevor KS

Tramaine Suubi

Kayvan Tahmasebian

Karen Walker

Sara Watson

L. Ann Wheeler


No. 5  ||  SPRING 2023

respect tinged with awe


a gesture indicative of esteem


the outward manifestation of regard, fear, or admiration

issue 5 reverence

Animashaun Ameen

Rachel Barber

Joshua Bohnsack

Despy Boutris

Ariel Chu

Michelle Donahue

Ryan Dzelzkalns

Sarah Edwards

Hannah Emerson

Loisa Fenichell

Vishwas Gaitonde

Emma Gomis

Rochelle Hurt

James Longenbach

Mary Mandeville

Sarah McCartt-Jackson

Beatrice Morgan

Chelsea Mosher

Milo R. Muise

Dev Murphy

Andi Myles

Tamie Parker Song

Kylan Rice

Susan Solomon

Steven Sparks

issue 4 certainty


No. 4  ||  FALL 2022

a firm conviction

the quality of being reliably true

free from doubt or reservation; to be confident, sure, agreed upon, or settled

Fullamusu Bangura

Rachel Betesh 

Wendy BooydeGraaff

Ian Canon

Wendy Cheng

Ayokunle Falomo

Kelly C. Flanagan

Pete Hadland

Sadia Hassan

Isra Hassan

John Francis Istel

Chase Joynt

Dan Kraines

Sally Lawton

Nathan Alling Long

Linda McMullen

Julie Moon

Carley Rickles

Jessica Anne Robinson

Pete Segall

Daisuke Shen

Lina Tharsing

T. Ruth Thompson

Marc Vincenz

Margaret Yapp

Louise Zedda-Sampson

Emily Zhou


No. 3  ||  SPRING 2022

something used as a medium of exchange

the fact or quality of being circulated from person to person

a time or period during which something is widely accepted

issue 3 currency

Cezarija Abartis

Diannely Antigua

Sylvie Baumgartel

Katie Berta

Aria Curtis

Dorian Dean

Sarah Rose Etter

Anna Cowley Ford

Jill Frank

Nina Mukerjee Furstenau

Gyasi Hall

Taiwo Hassan

Andrew David King

Becca Klaver

Jessica Klimesh

Cia Lawrence

Nat Mesnard

Sarah Messer

Sarah Minor

Nita Noveno

Sylvie Soul

Vic Wojciechowska

issue 2 trouble


No. 2  ||  FALL 2021

an unfortunate or distressing position, circumstance, or occurrence

annoyance, harassment, inconvenience, exertion, pains, or the like

to disturb the mental calm and contentment or a person or situation

causing worry or agitation

Kristin Berget

Julie Carr

Granville Carroll

Corinna Cook

Georgie Fehringer


Vi Khi Nao

Jessie Kraemer

Corley Longmire

Kathleen Maris Paltrineri

Lynn Melnick

Lynne Nugent

Lisa Olstein

Dalina Perdomo Álvarez

Catherine Pond

Delia Rainey

Ziba Rajabi

Katrina Roberts

Hannah Rubin

Joni Tevis

Steffan Triplett

Nicole VanderLinden

Arisa White 

Lucy Zhang


No. 1  ||  SPRING 2021

to crave or want an object, person, or thing

an expressed wish or request

that which is deemed corrext or proper

issue 1 desire

Jason Bulluck

Peter Cochrane

Jennifer Colville

Cynthia Cruz

Anaïs Duplan

Lubab Eltayeb Elmikashfi

Cecile Goding

Cory Hutchinson-Reuss

Steven Leyva

Julia Anna Morrison

Yanique Norman

Erin Palovick

Salma Salama

Kathryn Smith

Darius Stewart

Elissa Washuta

Spencer Williams

Rachel Yoder

Tara Isabel Zambrano

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