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Granville Carroll

Because the Sun Hath Looked Upon Me



Issue No. 2 || TROUBLE




Who am I but a mask the world places upon me?

Am I only blackness and shadows?

Can this mask connect me to a time when I was just human?


Who am I but a mask the world places upon me?

Is it ritual or oppression?

Is it my true existence or an illusion?

Am I able to release myself from this paradox?

From the existential pain of flatness?


Am I?


I am.


I am the mask I place upon myself.

I am the mask representing a collapse of time.

A ritual embedded in the map of my soul.

Blackness as origin point.


In darkness light is born.

In darkness heavens are held.

I am the mask representing a shattered world of illusion.

Gilded fragments resting at the edge of the universe.

Bound by the invisible force of dark matter.

I am the mask of duality.

Representing the liminal space of nothing and something.


Am I?


I am.

Because the Sun Hath Looked Upon Me


As Above, So Below

Our Deepest Fear

New Horizons

Out of Nothing

Black Universe




I am Granville Lee Carroll III I am future I am life I am healing I am deepest fear I am microcosm I am artist I am infinite I am chaos I am observer I am man I am universe made conscious I am uncle I am friend I am air I am night I am young I am moon phasing in and out of existence I am dust I am light I am liminal space I am south  I am dark I am divine I am death I am past I am sight I am spirit I am order I am son I am dark matter I am creator I am sunset I am east I am nothing I am destroyer I am water I am time slipping through the cracks of memory I am earth I am birth I am driver I am rain I am ether I am true I am old I am down I am sunrise I am present I am everything I am day I am supernova I am fire I am hope I am macrocosm I am black I am contemporary I am transparent I am wind I am movement I am sky I am tree I am music I am entertainment I am brown I am west I am rushing river I am calm I am cosmic I am love I am power I am transcendent  I am solid I am color I am north I am ancient I am vibration I am particle I am up I am wave I am atom I am peace I am molecule I am element I am finite I am radiant I am the space in which all things happen I am thought I am student I am something I am void I am solid I am touch I am you I am echo of the universe I am experiencer I am lover I am observer I am gravity I am unknown I am rise I am immanent

Granville Carroll

Granville Carroll


Granville Carroll is an educator and Afrofuturist photographer currently based in Rochester, NY. Carroll received a BFA in photography from Arizona State University, and an MFA in photography and related media from the Rochester Institute of Technology. Carroll was recently named as one of 47 artists on the inaugural Silver List through the Silver Eye Center of Photography. Carroll’s work has been exhibited in the US and featured on online platforms such as Phases Magazine, Artdoc Magazine, Humble Arts Foundation, Lenscratch, Photo-Emphasis, and Float Photo.

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